google has awarded $500 each to google store visitors

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Google has awarded $500 each to Google Store visitors, but they cannot use the money 

Recently several changes have been made to the Google Store, one of which caused joy with further disappointment for many users. They thought they had been given $500, but couldn’t use it.

The Google Store got a redesigned account menu when you click on your profile avatar at the top right of the page. The menu items (“Orders,” “Preferred Help,” “Subscriptions,” “My Home Nest” and “Settings“) got new icons.

The top right corner shows the total amount of “Balance in Google Store”. If you have any amount in your Google Store wallet, the balance will be $500 ostensibly. As editor 9to5google writes, he had just over $2 of his own.

This amount is displayed correctly in the last step of the checkout process.

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