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The public’s anger is increasing after the killing of Iran’s famous nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh. Israel’s intelligence agency Mausad is accused of murder. Therefore, the demand for revenge from Israel in Iran has intensified. Moreover, there is tremendous anger in Israel as well as against the old enemy America in Iran. The reason for this is that Israel and Iran have an old figure of 36. Over time, the impoverished Israel does not desist from its antics.


Actually, Israel has always been watching Iran. He wanted to remove Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsin Fakhrizadeh from the road. In such a situation, now after the assassination of Mohsin Fakhrizadeh, there is a danger of Iran’s confrontation with many western countries including Israel.

Iran has also expressed its intentions for this murder by directly accusing Israel and asking for revenge. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, announcing his revenge, has made it clear that even after Fakhrizadeh’s departure, his work i.e. Iran’s nuclear program will continue.

It means to say that Iran has made it clear that it will not back down from its nuclear program. Although Iran has been repeatedly saying that its nuclear program is not for war, but for peace and development. Iran’s foreign minister has also tweeted that we will take such action against the killers of Mohsin that he will regret this mistake.

In such a situation, there is a danger that this murder will not start a world war. The question arises whether Iran can attack Israel? Well, in the current situation there are few chances because Khomeini has also said that he does not want to get caught in the trap of the enemy, rather he knows how to deal with his enemy in his own way.

According to experts, there can be two reasons for this murder. The first is to eliminate the possibility of improving Iran-US relations. Second, provoking Iran and forcing it to take action, so that it can cause further damage. Perhaps that is why Khomeini said that he will not be caught in the trap of the enemy. It is clear that Iran will not attack Israel at least immediately.

It is also clear from this that the conditions of war may not arise immediately in the world. Because Iran knows that if it attacks Israel now, the difficulties will increase considerably. The road to possible improvement in relations with America will also become more difficult. Whoever is responsible for this attack, but there is no doubt that this will increase the tension between the US and Iran.

Donald Trump, who has fought two presidential elections in the US, has repeatedly accused Iran of making nuclear weapons in an intelligence manner. And while saying something similar, the US had distanced itself from the international nuclear deal with Iran. It was also reported that earlier this month, Trump had consulted his military colleagues for a possible attack on Iran. But later he backed down from it.

On the other hand, Joe Biden, who took the oath of office on January 20, has made it clear that Biden’s efforts to improve relations with Iran may come as a blow due to this new development. Perhaps the White House, the Pentagon, the US State Department, or the CIE, have not yet reacted to the killing of an Iranian scientist, given the exaggeration of the occasion.

How unhappy Iran is with this assassination, you can guess that Germany and the United Nations appealed to all parties to exercise restraint, and the Iranian foreign minister retorted and tweeted how shameful it is that some people Are refraining from condemning terrorism and hiding themselves behind the pleas of restraint.

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