Love Quotes : Swami Vivekananda’s Dreams 2022-23

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Love quotes : Swami Vivekananda’s Dreams 2022-23 

  1. Be so young!
  2. Have a bright face!
  3. The voice is strong!
  4. May there be strength in the body!
  5. Have enthusiasm!
  6. Have wisdom and prudence!
  7. Have compassion in your heart!
  8. Have love for the motherland.
  9. Have control over your senses!
  10. Whose mind is stable!
  11. Be confident!
  12. May the will be strong!
  13. Be a brave knight!
  14. Be as fearless as a lion!
  15. Aim high!
  16. Whose truth is God!
  17. Be free from addictions!
  18. Have a sweet loving voice!
  19. May the whole world be a family!
  20. Have respect for the teachers!
  21. Have faith in your parents!
  22. Have a human sense!
  23. Be a friend of the poor!
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