Pm Modi Gujarat Visit: Pm Modi’s Attack on Corruption and Familyism, What Did He Say

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PM Modi’s Guarat Visit: Prime Minister on the first day of his Gujarat visit Narendra Modi Inaugurating the 36th National Games on Thursday, the NIA said, “In the last eight years, by eradicating corruption and familyism from sports, confidence has been instilled among the youth about their dreams. The country had the ability to show this ability in the world of sports and this victory campaign could have started even earlier, but professionalism and corruption had taken the place of professionalism in sports. We cleaned up the system.

Describing sports as the source of energy for the youth of the country, Prime Minister Modi also said, “The victories of the players and their strong performance paves the way for the country’s victory in other fields as well.” The progress of any country, its honor is directly related to its success in sports. The leadership of the nation is given by the youth of the country and sports is the main source of energy of that youth, for building his life. Most of the countries in the world that are at the top in development and economy also top the medal tally of sports.

The direct linkage to the National Games is unprecedented

Inaugurating the 36th National Games, the PM said, “More than 7000 athletes and 15000 participants from 36 states of the country, participation of more than 35000 colleges, universities and schools and direct linkage of more than 50 lakh students with National Games is unprecedented. Is. This platform of National Games will act as a new launching pad for all of you.

The mood is new and the atmosphere is new

Prime Minister Modi said, ‘The victory of the players in the field of play, their strong performance also paves the way for the victory of the country in other fields. The soft power of sports makes the image of the country much better. In the nectar of independence, the country has started the construction of a new India with this zeal. Once upon a time, sports were covered for years only for the subject of general knowledge, but now the mood has changed, the mood is new and the atmosphere is new.

The number of medals in sports continues to grow

He said, ‘The process of first and best that has started from 2022-23, the youth has also maintained that in Jalwa sports. Till eight years ago, players from India used to participate in less than a hundred international events, but now they are participating in more than 300. The number of medals of India is also increasing and so is the glory. Today efforts like Fit India and Khelo India have become a mass movement and the sports budget of the country has increased by almost 70 percent in the last eight years.

Thank you Shubhankar Sawaj

Urging the players to play with the spirit of the game regardless of victory and defeat, he said, ‘I want to give one more mantra to all of you players. If you want to win ‘competition’ then you have to learn to live in ‘commitment’ and ‘continuity’. Do not consider defeat as the last and make sportsmanship a part of life.

Appreciating the National Games mascot ‘Sawaj’, he said, “The National Games mascot, by displaying the Gir lions, shows the fearlessness of the youth of India. It is also a symbol of India’s potential in the global arena.

Congratulations to Neeraj Chopra

Referring to the presence of Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra at the Garba Pandal in Vadodara yesterday, Modi said, “From the worship of Maa Durga to Garba during Navratri in Gujarat, it has its own identity. I would say to the players from other states that along with the game, enjoy the Navratri event here as well. I have seen how Neeraj Chopra was enjoying Garba yesterday. This joy of celebration connects us Indians.

Kalariapattu and Yogasan became part of national sport

For the first time, Indian sports like Kalariapattu and Yogasan are also part of the National Games. Referring to them specifically, the Prime Minister said, ‘Sports has been a part of India’s civilization and culture for thousands of years. Now Indian sports like Kalariapattu and Yogasan are also getting importance. I want to tell the players of these sports that in the coming time when these sports will get global recognition, then your name will be taken in these fields.

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, PM Modi Gujarat Visit: PM Modi’s attack on corruption and familyism, what did he say

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