rupeekwik affiliate program

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RupeeKwik Affiliate Program

Rupeekwik is an Instant Loan App. It is an across the board advanced stage for all your Instant Loan Requires, from individual credit to Buy Now Pay Later. They need to make the advanced loaning measure simple and open to the blue-nabbed salaried people and independently employed who are generally under-served and satisfy their necessities by giving them admittance to problem free moment financing. Residency: the most brief residency is 90 days, the longest residency is 500 days. Financing cost: Depends on the client’s danger profile and advance residency.

Class: Others

Extra Information for RupeeKwik CPI Affiliate Program

Following – Online

Permitted – Disallowed Media :

Cashback – Allowed

PopUp/ClickUnder – Forbidden

SEM – Forbidden

Entryway pages – Forbidden

Email Marketing – Forbidden

Brand offering – Forbidden

Web-based Media – Forbidden

Motivating force – Forbidden

Toolbar – Forbidden

Grown-up – Forbidden

Standard mystery organizations – Allowed

YouTube Channel – Forbidden

Geo – Pan India

Age – 18 to 52 years

TG – Salaried Employees and independently employed

Approval Criteria – Subscription sum deal

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